Innovative Kayaks Website Launch!



After few months of hard work and dedication, Roobykon Software team is very pleased to present the final result - a brand new website! It was made especially for our good Australian partner with whom we already have 6 years of fruitful cooperation. The name of a website is "Ki-kayaks" and, you can find it under the URL:


Our goal was to provide future visitors with an intuitively clear way to learn about our customer’s services, to allow them to review information based on their own choice and to help them to get a new experience out of truly cognitive content. Eventually, we have chosen AngularJS as a framework, LoopBackJS for backend and SCSS, ES6 to make everything pretty elegant. All in all, it was a right decision and, we actually managed all the tasks!


Ki-kayaks is a website entirely dedicated to kayaking. It contains info about the kayaks’ design and constructions, their specific types, and the long path of their development. Ki-kayaks can be considered as a strong source of inspiration for those who would like to make their life more colorful, and of course, as an instrument that allows to make a change and order a customized kayak.


We sincerely hope that you will like it!

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