Autumn Teambuilding in Roobykon Software


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The September is not an ordinary month for the IT community. It’s the time when two, absolutely special days are celebrating - The International Programmers’ Day and International Testers’ Day.


Traditionally Programmers’ Day is marked on the 256th day of each year, which is September, 12 in 2016. As you could already guess, it’s a number of values that can be shown with an 8-bit byte. And The Testers’ Day is marked on September 9th, as on this day in 1947 scientists of Harvard University found a moth stuck in one of the machine’s relays and got rid of the first “bug”.


Being working all the time, we suddenly looked back and realized that these two remarkable holidays are already gone. So, we in Roobykon Software decided to party both of them at once in a hot pursuit, which all in all turned out to be an excellent idea! The feast was simply awesome, we had so much fun together and once again figure out that are working with greatest IT people ever!

roobykon Teambuilding photo

Specifically, we were taking part in a sports competition. Our developers divided into two teams and battled till the end, taking part in a wide array of activities like climbing, balancing, solving a different kind of puzzles and fighting at laser tag battlefields.


At the end of a day, we were completely tired and overjoyed but delicious BBQ improved our strength so we could hang out till the late evening.


But what are we talking about? These photos are speaking for themselves.

team building photo



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