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Jump aboard the sharing economy train - build your shiny new marketplace today!

We’re all living in the era of the sharing economy. We get around with uber and lyft, rent our vacation residences via airbnb and homeaway, shop through etsy. Here at roobykon software we know how to bring your business into the sharing economy by building your marketplace. We guide our customers right from the idea initiation phase, using our experience to help choose the best platform for the project, before leading development through to a successful release – and beyond.

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Build your new marketplace with efficiency

With the correct approach and the right team, building a marketplace can be quick and easy – even if you’re starting from scratch.

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Turbocharge sales on your e-commerce site by converting it to a marketplace!

Have you ever wondered how to widen the merchandise offering on you existing e-commerce site? So why not offer your shopping platform to partner sellers? By converting your single-provider online store to a multi-seller marketplace, you can increase of goods, attract more customers, and earn additional revenue by charging commission to other sellers. With a wider range to choose from, your customers will benefit too – while your partner sellers will get a new sales channel for their business.


Get ready for your sales to grow by an order of magnitude

You current e-commerce site is a great starting point for your marketplace enterprise: gain many more sellers to complement your offering and increase your revenue!


Expert guidance on platform choice and architecture

Marketplaces come in many types : product, service, project, even mixed. Whichever you aim to create, we offer analysis of your most detailed requirements to find the best approach and a platform to fit your current and future needs. Not sure if sharetribe open source is right for you? Or maybe you have an existing woocommerce site and want to convert it to a marketplace with the minimum of effort? Perhaps you have a unique audience to whom you plan to deliver both products and services? We’re experts in each of these cases – and many others !

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Make the right choice of platform and architecture for your marketplace

The correct choice of platform is of utmost importance: this decision can make or break your online marketplace!

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