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Who will the main ‘influencers’ of 2018? Leader followers influencers blog web

Influencer marketing! How does it work? And who exactly are these ‘influencers’ about whom we are hearing more and more? Well, simply put, they are individuals with a sizable and engaged social media following, who act as a trusted and listened-to voice within their chosen area of expertize...

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Alibaba vs Amazon: a battle of two e-Commerce giants Alibaba vs amazon blog

The Chinese Giant and the American Colossus find themselves at loggerheads, each determined to drive forward its own vision: a ‘pure’ marketplace on one hand; ‘retailer logic’ on the other. This article shows the main differences between Alibaba and Amazon.

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LumiArts Transformation by Roobykon – Open New Colors! Lumiarts blog main

As ever, good development is all about the details. LumiArts platform was previously running on the ‘hosted’ version of the Sharetribe online marketplace solution. By migrating the platform over to the open source version of Sharetribe we’ve been able to implement a package of refinements that together really make a difference to user experience. This article shows all LumiArts improvements added by Roobykon.

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Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 16 Digest16 00 web1

Web servers! Everyone seems to have an opinion about which are the best and why, but if we’re not careful, habit and loyalty can blind us to rational decision-making. In this issue of Digest, we look in depth at some issues around servers for Ruby – and a whole bunch of other things besides.

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Marketplace Platform Advisor is here! You startup marketplace blog web

We’re very excited today to introduce a brand new tool, created by Roobykon to help you begin the journey of creating your online marketplace: we’re calling it the Marketplace Platform Advisor.

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