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Roobykon Team At The 5th RubyC conference Rubyc kyiv main

Have you missed the best Ruby conference in Ukraine held on 3-4th of June in Kyiv? Roobykon Software team can undoubtedly argue that if you weren't there - you’ve missed a lot! Here is a small review of how we participated this conference in 2017.

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Roobykon Software at Kyiv Outsourcing Forum 2017 Kyiv outsourcing forum 2017 main

In these latter years, there have been already held 9 conferences for the owners and top managers of IT companies, as well as European business association representatives. But the 10th Kyiv Outsourcing Forum was definitely the most substantial!

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Creating an E-Commerce Marketplace: a Good or a Bad Idea? Creating an e commerce

Creating e-commerce marketplaces has become something of a trend. But many e-commerce sites seem quite unhesitant in changing their approach to their business and offering the products of other sellers alongside their own. But if we look a little closer, everything is not that simple.

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Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 12 Main digest

Almost a month has passed since the last issue of our digest. All the news have accumulated in our backpacks, and we just need to talk them out! Practical advices, best practices, curious charts and insightful tutorials - we’ve kept the nuts out of the world of Ruby and Rails development and would like to share them with you.

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Online Payment Tools – 5 of the Best for Your Marketplace Onlinemarketplacetools

Anyone who has ever tried to create an e-commerce site or online marketplace will have found themselves confronted by the question of which online payment tool to use. There are many out there – but which is best? We'll try to answer this question with our list of top 5 online payment tools!

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