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  • Web development

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    We've been providing web development services for 5 years now, using the bleeding edge technologies like Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, SASS, HAML and many others. The choice of the technologies is not accidental, they are all carefully selected and their stack is proven to be most efficient over dozens of successfully implemented and deployed projects all over the world. We have previous development experience with the languages like Perl, PHP, Java, etc. All this experience led us to the choice of Ruby and Ruby on Rails as the most efficient and productive language and framework for the time being.
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  • Quality assurance

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    Our quality assurance engineers work in close cooperation with the team of developers to both choose the most efficient approaches while testing the newly implemented or altered functionality and to deliver feedback on the testing results as soon as possible. We use bleeding edge technologies to automate the testing process as much as possible, to reuse the testing process and streamline the testing at all levels, starting from the unit tests to UI/UX and cross-browser testing. We provide QA services both as part of the work on the project from the ground up and as a separate offer to test the project someone else implemented for you.
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  • Consulting and analysis

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    If your project is just at the initial stage when you have ideas of what your site/service will look like we can offer you help in requirements gathering and further analysis of them. After the analysis is complete we can move to the planning and estimating phase and after that to the prototyping of UI/UX. If you already gathered the initial requirements from the potential audience of the project we can step in to analyse the requirements, plan further efforts on the project and subsequently develop the entire system based on the provided initial requirements. Or if you have new requirements which need to be implemented over already functioning site we can help you in this case too.
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  • Project and qa management

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    Our project and QA managers, as well as team leaders all have technical background and have strong communication skills to ensure customer desires are always well understood and addressed. If you've ever been in the situation when you wanted something developed but after all the delivered result was not at all as expected - rest assured, we always ready to go an extra mile to be absolutely sure all is understood correctly and will be implemented exactly as the customer desires.
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  • Web system maintenance and support

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    Once the project implementation is over the public life of the site is just starting. And it is critical to ensure it is running non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The users of the site are going to require changes to be done and these requests needs to be satisfied in a timely manner to ensure audience growth and satisfaction of the loyal users. It is necessary to address the critical alerts from the hosting provider, the security vulnerabilities need to be patched. The performance needs to be closely watched and the accessibility of the site from all over the world need to remain at high level. All these and any other areas of maintenance and support can be covered by our engineers with their experience and skills.
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  • Web design

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    Do you have the requirements gathered and the user experience and user interface well thought over and prototyped? Then the next step is to design your site pages. Our designers are ready to listen to your ideas very attentively and will produce exactly what you envision for your future site. Even if you are not sure about the look and feel, never mind - we will make as many design iterations as necessary to make you feel completely satisfied with the result. We can provide you with just one set of the designs for all the pages or produce the separate look for different device classes to give your responsive UI unique appearance at each degradation level. The choice is yours!
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  • Psd to html&css design slicing

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    A current horde of the modern devices in use is very diverse. And you have to be all prepared that your site will be viewed from any of them - starting from the tiny phones to the retina devices and 4K TV sets. And your site must adjust to the device it is viewed upon to meet the modern audience expectations. Simply put - your site has to be fully responsive and look awesome no matter on which device it is opened! And we are here to help you - we have extensive experience of slicing the real world sites using HTML5, CSS3 and all the flavors of supplementary tools to produce the responsive slicing of the highest grade.
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