Business analysis

  • Consulting And Analysis: Your Journey From Idea To Successful Project

    Business analysis

    Are you overwhelmed by all the ideas you and your team come up with when it comes to brainstorming new IT projects, and you hesitate when it comes to choosing only one of them?

    Do you have an idea you want to work on, but you don’t know how to implement it, what kind of resources you will need, how to manage tasks effectively or how long the development should take?

    Do you need a precise action plan on how to implement additional requirements over the software or website that is already running?

Our clients come to us for consulting and analysis services for one or several of the following reasons:

  • they need external, objective recommendations;
  • they want to gain access to the consultants' specialized expertise;
  • they require temporary help for a one-time project as hiring permanent employees wouldn’t be cost-efficient;
  • they would like to outsource some or all IT services.

Our team of highly qualified experienced consultants and analysts who specialize in designing business plans for software and websites will gladly help you, regardless of which scenario listed above you come to us with.

Every consultant and analyst in our team has expertise in advisory, technical, business, communication, management skills to make our cooperation easy-going and highly productive.

How do we do our magic and turn your ideas into successful projects?

1. Gathering ideas. If you have multiple ideas, our first step is gathering them and figuring out which of them can actually work. Our team is dedicated to picking out the most innovative and creative ideas while making sure there will be demand for the final product.

2. Project scoping and system design. Subsequently, we define the target groups and the scope of the future project.

You need to know whom the software will be developed for. Otherwise, the product will be a failure in the market.  In order to know that, you need to determine which needs and pains of a regular user will be satisfied with your software/website.

While planning the project scope, we focus on what exactly the project has to deliver when the development is over. Using this information, we will be able to design the requirements and specifications for the application or the website you want to see published. We are meticulous when it comes to planning, so no details will be missed.

3. UI/UX prototyping. As the previous steps are finished, we design UI/UX prototypes, bearing in mind the target group who will be using the final product and what UI/UX they will enjoy the most. We always stick to the principle that powerful software is not enough for end users, so the developers must wrap it into an attractive interface and make the user experience easy and pleasant.

4. Chronological planning. We divide the project into clear stages and flows, set the milestones, define the time frames for the stages and separate tasks. Additionally, we define quality assurance processes during all stages of the project to make sure the development team will deliver on the quality of the final product. Communication processes and channels are also thought through as it is important to maintain the understanding of how the development is going on and whether the milestones are reached on time.

5. Estimating required resources, costs, and risks. Afterwards, we analyze the requirements and specifications, the amount and scale of tasks and stages to present you with the answer to the most important question, “How much will it cost?”. Besides, we calculate how many employees you will need for this particular project. All the possible risks are also taken into consideration and the best possible solutions are worked out.  In case of necessity, we can review the plan and advise you on how to cut costs.


If you are still not sure how your idea can be brought to life and made into a bestseller, or you lack expertise in all the technical nuances, or you need professionals to take care of planning the project in the most efficient way, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our experts are dedicated to making our clients’ projects the best there are.