Roobykon Team at Kharkiv Project Management Day



Conferences are an overwhelming rush of presentations, conversations, and meet-ups so, sometimes, it’s quite tough to get focused in a storming ocean of ideas.

But Kharkiv Project Management Day 2017 is an absolutely special home event that we've been waiting for a long time! And you know, on March, 4, the day conference has been held, we haven’t missed anything at all!


Taking into consideration the complexity and variety of tasks in today’s project management practices, the conference was divided into 3 streams, which we were carefully monitoring:

  • PM practices - for team leads who’ve just started their careers in the project and team management;
  • PM models - for experienced PMs and CEOs who were willing to look at the process of management from a new angle;
  • Master classes - to take maximum practical advices.

And this year’s speakers from Global Logic, Playtech, EPAM, and a dozen of other IT companies meet all the expectations and truly blew the crowd with fresh ideas.


The PM Day conference was firstly held in 2014, and since that time already seven meetings with more than 2000 participants were successfully organized. Roobykon Software appreciates & enjoys events like this as another possibility to have a face to face conversation with colleagues from all over the Europe.


We are sending great thanks to Lviv Startup Club organizers for an ideal networking opportunity, useful contacts, and positive emotions! You, guys, have made truly huge work to make this fest happen!

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