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Rapid development, on budget

The brilliant thing about ruby is that a small team of developers can create a product beta very quickly. How so? Thanks to the sheer amount of off-the-shelf solutions available: user management, social feeds, cms functionality and much more are all ready to be plugged into your project. And that’s not to mention such amazing things as active admin and other like-minded frameworks, which greatly simplify and speed up development: no reinventing the wheel! And if that weren’t enough – it’s free!

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Develop with maximum efficiency

Extract maximum benefit from ruby’s fast and efficient development process. A dedicated team with an array of off-the-shelf solutions is ready and waiting for your call!

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Painless modification and deployment

Many startups prefer to deploy their apps on a ‘platform as a service’ (paas) provider, to lower the initial software adoption cost. Another advantage of paas is continuous integration, available thanks to tools that review your code and run tests – this is an integral part of rails. And don’t forget online monitoring, a tasty little piece of eye candy that checks projects’ availability and performance, letting you nip any issues in the bud.

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Smooth your modification and deployment process

Low initial adoption costs, widest-possible online monitoring, limitless integration - these are the reasons to start talking to us now!

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Best practice for startups: why investors love ror

Venture capitalists are like birds of prey, keeping a sharp look-out for fresh ideas and new players. But what’s in it for you? A whole range of turbocharged projects, from twitter to github to airbnb, have proved that ruby on rails is the best fit for paradigm-shifting startups (it’s whispered that ruby on rails startups have ‘the scent of roi’). The ability to easily scale up and modify projects, cost-efficiency, and a friendly, ever-growing community make ror the right choice both for your explosive start, and in the long run. If these things are important for you, then for vcs they’re an obsession – and ror thus gives you a strong argument when raising capital.

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Attract investors

Whether you’re aimed at an explosive start, or looking to the long haul – ruby on rails is built to cope with everything business throws at you. It’s bound to draw investors’ attention!

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