How To Create Successful Business? Marketplace Comparison Tool Answers.


Marketplace Comparison Tool

As you might have guessed by now, here at Roobykon, we love online marketplaces. We think that they represent a huge part of the future of commerce.

Back in the summer, we launched a tool called Marketplace Platform Advisor, designed to help you make the very best choice of platform for your marketplace business.

Now, Roobykon is proud to introduce you to a brand new tool designed to compliment Marketplace Platform Advisor: it's called the Marketplace Comparison Tool.

'So,' we hear you ask: 'how does this new tool differ from the one we already have?'

Well, it's actually rather simple.

Marketplace Platform Advisor guides you through a series of questions, leading to a recommendation. It's a great way to start, particularly if you don't have much technical knowledge, but it doesn't let you make a side-by-side comparison between different platforms.

And that is exactly what Marketplace Comparison Tool enables you to do.


How does it work?

The interface you will see when you enter the platform is really straightforward:

How does Marketplace Comparison Tool work?

First, we have one dropdown menu from which you are asked to choose which types of platform you would like to compare (e-commerce, service, project, or all three).

Below this, you'll find two further dropdown menus, from which to select the two particular marketplace platforms you'd like to see next to each other.

Once you've made your selection, you'll see all the key variables related to each of your choices, arranged side-by-side for easy comparison:

How to compare two marketplace platforms?


Who is this new tool aimed at?

For whom is the Marketplace Comparison Tool created?

As we mentioned before, our Marketplace Advisor Tool, released a few months ago, is designed to 'hold your hand' right through the process of reaching its recommendation.

This new tool, then, is primarily designed for people who have slightly more knowledge of the different variables that must be considered in choosing a marketplace platform, and wish to see those variables placed side-by-side for them to compare.

We're really keen, though, to emphasise that many people who began by using Marketplace Platform Advisor will then go on to compliment it with the Marketplace Comparison Tool.

For example: you may take several 'journeys' through Marketplace Platform Advisor, entering slightly different information each time (because, perhaps, not all the details of your project have been decided yet). Naturally, each of these 'journeys' may well produce a different recommendation.

The logical next step to this would be to use the Marketplace Comparison Tool to take a side-by-side look at the different recommendations you've received.


Which platforms are included?

How to make a choice between platforms?

We're very open about the fact that not every marketplace platform is included within the Marketplace Comparison Tool. The reason for this is simple: we believe that even if your marketplace begins with little need for custom development, you should always leave yourself with the option of being able to make custom alterations in future.

For this reason, platforms like Shopify are not included for comparison.


We can't wait to begin seeing brand-new marketplaces being built with help from the advice of the Marketplace Comparison Tool. We'll be adding new platforms along the way, and we'll keep you updated as we do this.

Once you've tried out this new tool, we'd love to know your thoughts - so please, as ever, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Start working with Marketplace Comparison Tool:

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