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During the spring of 2016, our green and blooming capital Kyiv became the host of the important HR management event – the  8th annual HR-IT Conference. This assembly has always been a good occasion for the HR professionals working in the Ukrainian IT industry to share their real-world experience, discuss the issues they face every day and circulate the practical tips to improve their professional skills.


Speakers from around the world arrived at the conference to meet their Ukrainian colleagues and to contribute their knowledge accumulated over the years to the Ukrainian HR community. The event was split into two separate streams: the first stream was dedicated to HR, and another one was for the Recruitment, and that was quite convenient because such a format covered all the topics of interest. Speakers made hour-long presentations followed by unofficial discussions at the brakes. Then the winners of the “HR-IT: Best Practices Award” (founded with the support of HR FORUM Association) were awarded according to the results of the previous year. After the awards ceremony was over the winners lead the master classes.

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Famous speakers and HR experts provided really useful and professional workshops. Victoria Musiyachenko gave a perfect master class "One-to-one meeting failures" at which she communicated to the audience her experience in HR gained over many years, analyzed most frequent mistakes and reconstructed a universally applicable workflow of the «one-to-one meetings". Lily Mudrik, Andrey Nikolov shared their experience in the field of education. Olga Ivanova told about management tools for employees motivation. Vyacheslav Rudnitskov`s report "7 examples of changes inside the companies implementation. The successes and mistakes" lead to the overhaul of many traditional management schemes, Pavel Panov, Olesya Kirilchuk and many other speakers made impressive presentations as well.


All the participants received a lot of fresh ideas, valuable experience, got to know about the new innovative approaches and obtained the new skills in HR. I sincerely want to thank, on behalf of the whole Roobykon Software team, the organizers of the conference. A professional approach, flawless management, high-level speakers turned the conference into the outstanding HR event of the year.


Alesia Liubenko,

HR Director at Roobykon Software

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