How to use influencer marketing to boost your sales in 2018?


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“Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful advertising tactic for A-list brands such as Mountain Dew and Amazon”, Brendan Gahan wrote in Adweek back at the end of September.  

But who exactly are these ‘influencers’ about whom we are hearing more and more? Well, simply put, they are individuals with a sizable and engaged social media following, who act as a trusted and listened-to voice within their chosen area of expertize. 

Gahan gives the example of the YouTube personality Zach King, who has partnered with HP to explore how that brand’s hardware can be used to aid creative collaboration

Brands hugely value such collaborations because personalities like King possess a level of authenticity that is simply not attainable via traditional advertising. And while viewers understand that influencers are paid to promote products, there is also an implicit contract between the two parties that helps to ensure that influencers who plug products they can’t genuinely recommend soon lose their credibility – and their audiences and revenues along with it. 

So how do brands connect with influencers who can help them communicate their products to relevant audiences?  

For big corporates, the answer’s simple – they employ teams dedicated to searching for the best current and emerging influencers with whom to partner. But for SMEs, such resources simply don’t exist.  

This is where comes in. It’s a social media marketplace platform designed to make it easy for brands of any size to find an influencer to partner with for their campaign – whether you’re a member of one of those aforementioned big social teams, or an entrepreneur just starting out. 

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JumpFame dramatically streamlines the process of finding a suitable influencer. It provides access to a database of thousands of individuals with audiences across every major social network. These can be searched by keyword, and the results can then be filtered by a range of different criteria – from number of followers, to demographic profile, to geographic area.  

Our own partnership with JumpFrame here at Roobykon has helped the platform refine and progress its interface on a number of fronts. 

JumpFame was originally based on .NET technology, and the first part of our job was to migrate the platform over to a more up-to-date stack. As with for many of our projects, we chose the excellent Sharetribe open source platform, which gives our developers a huge amount of flexibility in their work going forward.  

We then used that flexibility to bring in place a number of improvements to the JumpFame. These include Stripe Connect integration, a custom registration process, and integration with Instagram – with other social networks scheduled to be integrated to the platform in the near future. We also refactored the JumpFame’s search and filtering functionality, to help ensure it continues to run smoothly, both now and in the future. 

At Roobykon we think influencer marketing is a great way for brands to connect with audiences in an authentic way, and we’re really excited to help bring more of those connections into existence! 

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