How To Build A Food Delivery Marketplace


Restaurants strive to provide the best service to their customers. Catering to their needs includes implementing  takeaway and delivery services. The processes are quite clear and well established: the responsible staff accepts the order, passes it to the kitchen, and when the dish is ready, it is delivered to the customer’s address.

Although it is pretty convenient, the process is undergoing serious changes now. Modern restaurants work hard to enhance customer experience, so now they are adding a point-of-sale system to the websites. Customers are able to place orders online without the necessity to leave their convenient rocking chairs on rainy autumn nights. The service is quite affordable and simple. And it provides new improved opportunities for both customers and restaurant owners.

Online food sales are hard to organize. In fact, this eCommerce business is one of the most difficult ones. The entrepreneur must take care of building a high-quality website, adding great photos and assuring the information provided describes the real products.

A food delivery marketplace can be a great solution. With a simple tool, you can make sure your eCommerce business grows, improves and brings a real value. So let’s find out what steps you need to take to create a powerful software product.

The Demand for Online Delivery Is Real

The Demand for Online Delivery Is Real

First of all, let’s find out why it is so important to provide such services.

Here’s an example: an office worker calls a restaurant, orders food, travels to the restaurant to pick it up, and then goes back to the office to have lunch. It may take from 40 minutes to several hours depending on traffic, time, location, particular city, etc. Additionally, such factors as waitlists, a limited number of options, extra service fees, etc. can make the customers hate the once beloved places.

Your former and potential clients simply don’t have time for all of this. People are too busy nowadays. They rely heavily on their mobile assistants to make their lives a bit easier. And they definitely have to give up traditional visits to the restaurants on weekdays due to a simple lack of time.

And when the problem gets crucial, a third-party food delivery service appears. They offer a variety of options, cuisines, restaurants, etc. Besides, they protect restaurants from risks and additional worries. This win-win strategy allows every single restaurant to extend its borders. The customer saves time and the restaurant provides more services and attracts new clients.

There is a great demand for online food ordering and fast delivery. By implementing these practices you show your customers you are keeping up with the times. You provide higher accessibility and flexibility without extra effort.

Your Way to Sales Increase

Your Way to Sales Increase

Your primary task of increasing sales cannot be fulfilled properly when dealing with the delivery on your own.

When the restaurant staff picks up the phone, there is no time and possibility to suggest some additional items from the menu, like drinks or desserts. The worker just notes the order quickly, provides the approximate delivery time, and starts a conversation with another customer.

Things can even get worse if a customer calls during the lunch rush. Multitasking is hard or even impossible in this case. So, a food ordering system that automates the processes is irreplaceable here.

What are the perks of using an online marketplace?

Larger Orders Processing

Suggestions and upselling do not happen during a quick call. But a powerful software system can automatically recommend additional items and suggest special deals.

Improved Order Accuracy

Bad connection, miscommunication and multitasking may lead to errors. As a result, a customer refuses to pay for the wrong order. A proper software tool eliminates this trouble.

Customized Menu

While the software system is working on accepting, processing and transmitting the orders, you can work on improving your menu. On the web pages of a food delivery marketplace, each visitor will have the opportunity to review your menu. So it is significant to make the tool excellent.

These improvements make a contribution to your overall sales increase.

Personalization as the Key to Your Customers’ Hearts
Personalization as the Key to Your Customers’ Hearts

This is the key to your online customers’ hearts and your future success. Just find your unique selling proposition and grow your food ordering business.

Automated Tasks

Your Responsibility

   Routine tasks fulfilment
   Order processing
   Content updates
   Food delivery

   Attractive design
   Convenient online food ordering marketplace functionality
   Catchy brand image and slogan
   Monetization strategy

As you can see, your primary task is personalization and brand improvement. And if you find a way to win your customers’ attention, you get a chance to succeed as well.

Customer Data Processing

Information technologies change the food industry completely. Now, each restaurant can collect and process significant data about each customer, as well as build analytics, generate informative reports, build patterns, etc. All these components improve the sales process and increase revenue.

A food delivery marketplace admin now knows for sure what steps the customers take on a website. The improved user experience allows one-click order. Customers may spend more and the restaurants can learn how to deliver better services each time.

Launching Your Service: 6 Tried and True Tips

Launching Your Service: 6 Tried and True Tips

Now that  you’ve read the brief information on why a food delivery marketplace is so beneficial nowadays, it is time to launch it.

The very first step to an up and running service is a powerful promotional campaign. Former and potential customers have no idea you’ve extended the services you provide. So let them know!

  • Add massive banners at the top of your website homepage;
  • Pay for ads in your local community, both online and offline;
  • Use radio and TV to share the news;
  • Create posts about the delivery service on social media channels, etc.

The point is to inform as many people as possible.

And now, let’s find out about the next steps you need to take to develop a great solution.

Make Finding Products Easy

Easy navigation is a must-have on your new marketplace. Keep an eye on such things as category, group of products, and a convenient search box. Make sure the customer always has the possibility to use the search functionality. Add a search button to the top of the page so it always stays visible. Let the intuitive design bring more and more visitors to the marketplace.

Use Great Photos

If you decide on an online marketplace, there is only one chance for your potential customers to see the products. Here, we mean a high-quality photo. Make them great! Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on photographers. Every nice photo can make dozens of potential customers order food at your restaurant. Attractive photos make products come alive. So stop hesitating and start investing in brilliant product pictures.

Make Unique Product Descriptions

You have no more than a couple of seconds to win customer’s attention. This is why the text you describe your product with must be short, unique, and catchy. It is obligatory to add high-quality copywriting to the list of marketing services you need. It is useful for both website optimization and your customers’ wishes. Let them taste and smell delicious food using proper words only.

Include Product Video

Another way to satisfy your customers’ wishes is to add a product video to each of the items. Visual perception is extremely important, so videos are great things for attracting attention. In fact, this is a way to help customers imagine the taste of your food!

Make short videos describing the cooking process, add some pictures of your customers enjoying the food, enhance this with nice music and make a difference! Awaken your customers’ appetite and make them spend more at your marketplace.

Make It Easy to Contact You

An ordering form is great but there is still something more important. In order to control the process, customers appreciate the possibility to reach out to you any time they want. This is one of the best tools for establishing long-term business relations.

Add your phone number, email, and a physical address of the restaurant to get closer to every customer.

Develop Your Business on Social Media

One of the components of your business success is the number of followers you have on social media. Share the pictures of your food on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Use this platform to promote your business. Let the followers enjoy the photos and share the information about how great you are.

The Future of Online Food Delivery

The Future of Online Food Delivery

Online food delivery has a great potential. The opportunities are nearly unlimited, and the earlier you join the innovations, the earlier you will experience better sales. But don’t forget to take into account the following details:

New Technologies

Year by year, new cutting-edge technologies are positively impacting our daily lives. So get ready to meet the age of IoT and make your food delivery marketplace an irreplaceable part of it.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and its products can be used for online food delivery apps, too. Chatbots may reduce the costs you spend on salaries and but still satisfy your customers.

Reliable Development Partner

To overcome the competitors, you need to be sure about the implementation of your idea. You need to find a reliable development partner to help you with lovely UI, powerful functionality, high-quality SEO and business promotion.

The Roobykon web development company is here to offer you a spectrum of superb solutions for better sales. We know exactly what, when and how to do to make your business hit the sales target. We have the experience in finding a way to customers’ hearts. So contact us and make your food delivery online service the only option your potential customers will be choosing!

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