Roobykon Team Tried Go Kart Racing


Roobykon Team Tried Go Kart Racing

Our life is a never-ending competition. This is a challenge we have to deal with daily. But what is prominent, we really enjoy it!

One of the ways to gain inspiration from each new challenge is to combine active leisure and spending time with your colleagues. Software development may be exhausting, repeatable tasks may seem routine, but good team building activities can breathe inspiration and enthusiasm into Roobykon specialists.

Our life is a never-ending competition

This time, we decided on karting. Our Go Kart Roobykon racing was one of the greatest experiences ever. We had tons of fun, and we got to talk about something besides new clients or project requirements. Also, we invited our friends and families for support. So, we would like to share our lovely memories with you.

Top 3 Things We Loved About Go Kart Racing

The best rest is changing your activity. This means that office workers like us just need to do some sports and spend time outside at least a few hours a week. We thought about our previous team building activities and corporate parties and decided that we need something new, something challenging. This is why we opted for carting.


Things We Loved About Go Kart Racing

  • Rising Up the Team Spirit

Smiles, jokes, and outdoor activity – what else do software professionals need? That evening we simply rested from all the daily hassles. That was a good reminder that our work is not the only thing that holds us together. Each of us organically fits into our team. Everyone is a unique personality we are proud to work with.

  • Funny Competition

Karting is not something we were familiar with. But still, the competitive spirit made us turn on all our best skills and race like we were professionals! 

Three best racers demonstrated the amazing speed and ability to avoid obstacles on their path. The winners got their lovely presents.

  • Breathtaking Emotions

The event was full of emotions, and we believe that every team player enjoyed the atmosphere. Experiences that stay with us for a long time are an excellent outcome. We’ll keep joy, fun, and the best memories till the next team building activity and beyond.

We’ll keep joy

We believe that every team player enjoyed the atmosphere

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