Sharing economy is a great success driver nowadays. People seek not only for product consumption but also for trading their own items. Even if now it seems to you that the share of b2c goods consumption is higher, think about such things:

  • it often happens that amateurs\professionals in communities are better versed in the subject area than regular retail consultants
  • Such users often have unique products to share with others, which allows to surprise people around with individuality
  • The product can be chosen individually, which is ideal for meeting your special needs.

To all these advantages, add the fact that private sellers sell goods at a lower price in comparison with large trading networks. All this makes the c2c model very attractive to customers and if there is a marketplace that can realize all the needs of both buyers and customers, this business can be extremely profitable. Our team has been developing such solutions for a long time. We know exactly what customers need in this or that industry, and we can share with you our experience to make a marketplace, which will certainly become one of the best platforms available now. For you, we have prepared three packages of services, within which you can implement the ideas:

  • Basic offer - suitable for you to implement comprehensive stable solutions with a limited budget.
  • Standard offer - stands for additional features with social media API integration included.
  • Custom offer - the best option for implementing your special needs and the needs of your customers.
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People-to-people trading is a special niche with its peculiarities. It requires strong professionalism and expertise to implement these features within the limited budget so as to seamlessly integrate the ecosystem with ready-made platforms. What we propose is a solution for one of open source platforms like Sharetribe, Cocorico, Opencart Multi-vendor, etc. which provides you:

  • Smooth and early start
  • Modest budget compliance
  • Manual QA smoke testing
  • Social media basic integrations.

If you want to address people, social media integrations is a must. We can connect your marketplace to Facebook and Google Maps so as users can find each other easily and quickly using their usual means. Location-based functions enable searching for people in the neighborhood, which can be of a high importance for some trades. What concerns the tech side of the package, be sure you’ll get such features as:

  • PayPal payment integration through the API
  • Digital Ocean droplet building
  • Configuration of SMTP to Mailgun
  • Production DNS configuration
  • Free SSL certificate install
  • CentOS environment configuration

In simple words, this package is all you need to create comfortable conditions for client-to-client trade regardless the area of sale. There is everything to ensure that users can find the right products, place orders, find out the details of the order via messages, promote the goods, and so on. The result is the marketplace for people, not for machines, simple, understandable, and effective. The price for basic version depends on your platform and starts from $350.

Price: $350
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Our standard offer is focused on creating a full-featured solution that includes all the functions that the C2C leaders have. Just like the basic offer, it also includes all the necessary functionality for organizing an efficient marketplace. However, unlike the first version, it provides a more complete list of the services:

  • Amazon AWS EC2 or OVH staging instance building
  • Staging on CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian
  • Basic business analysis & technical requirements specification
  • Configuration of PayPal API in a sandbox mode
  • Ability to run the backup procedure of the database
  • SMS notifications about all the major events of the marketplace
  • Comprehensive quality assurance.

But what is especially important for the C2C marketplace, is the fact that with our standard offer you will get an advice from our specialists to clearly define the objectives and requirements at the business analysis stage. In addition, you’ll get more useful advantages while enjoying great service. For example, you can get a hosted Sharetribe migration for up to 1 Gigabyte of data usage, SMS notifications via Twilio if you choose Sharetribe platform, temporary page during the migration time, and many others. To get the full list of extended services, do not hesitate to contact our managers. The price for this version depends on your platform and starts from $550.

Price: $550
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It is known that the greatest success is achieved by those who leave generally recognized decisions aside and create something brand-new. If you have a brilliant idea how to improve the current C2C marketplace model, we are ready to go side by side with you in this endeavor. For you, we have prepared a special package of services, which includes all stages of creating a marketplace, in-depth analysis, and adjustment to your requirements through the whole project. This flexibility is made possible by the following functions:

  • Prototypes creation in Invision
  • Unique design creation
  • Custom homepage implementation
  • Monitoring: monit, Grafana, Nagios
  • Arbitrary functionality implementation
  • SEO audit and optimization.

This offer is the best choice for building non-standard solutions according to your special needs and ideas. Even if you already have a regular ecommerce store, consider adopting the C2C model to enjoy the benefits of partnerships. With the custom offer, you’ll be able to animate every business goal you have in mind. The custom offer price depends on your platform and starts from $650.

Price: Starts from $650
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