As we all know, Business to Business (B2B) ecommerce framework is an extremely popular type of marketplace nowadays. It is mostly connected with the global move of manufacturers and retailers to the online market. The main peculiarities of B2B marketplace are, of course, high level of competitiveness (even in terms of business partnership), and loose customer relations.

We are ready to offer you a wide range of business solutions in the B2B framework. As a company with a vast experience in this field, we are pleased to propose different options for a variety of ecommerce platforms. RS is proud of its flexible business plans, as we take into account all your wishes. We pay special attention to such important aspects, as specificity of your business, its main goals and the budget. That is why we produce the most effective and convenient business solutions for our customers. All of them are divided into three types, which you are free to choose from:

  • Basic offer - the one with the lowest price and the most simple and quick solutions.
  • Standard offer - with it you may enjoy a packet of additional configurations and social media APIs.
  • Custom offer - the one with the most suitable options, that you may change to adjust them to your special needs.
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This is the most effective tool for fast and simple solutions. Within it, we will meet your business challenges on such open source platforms, as Sharetribe, Cocorico, Opencart Multivendor, and many others. The basic variant has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Quick and seamless start
  • Reasonable cost
  • Manual quality assurance testing
  • Configurations of basic social media APIs.

The last one means that your online marketplace will be connected to Facebook and Google Maps for users’ ability to sign in and up with their accounts and use location-based functions while running their business. That may be especially important for businesspeople, who have brick and mortar shops or stockrooms, connected with the ecommerce business. This service pack includes a number of highly useful options, which will help you manage your marketplace both easily and productively. Among them there is:

  • Digital Ocean droplet creation with a pricing plan containing up to 4 Gigabytes of RAM
  • CentOS environment configuration
  • Configuration of SMTP to Mailgun
  • Production DNS configuration
  • PayPal API integration
  • Installation of SSL certificate.

These facilities will make your business recognizable and pleasant to use. They will also help you communicate seamlessly with the representatives of other businesses, receiving partner benefits, peculiar for B2B type of marketing. These include wholesale distribution of products, conversion rate increase, and finding new suppliers. The price for basic version depends on your platform and starts from $350.

Price: $350
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Our standard offer pack is a great option for those online businesspeople who need a profound development of their marketplaces, that will meet all the possible challenges of B2B sales. This offer includes all the possibilities that come with the basic one, that is, it will be totally secure due to the SSL certificate, connected with your social media, and will have a smooth payment procedure. Main advantage of this version, however, is a wide range of other useful options, such as:

  • Creation of Amazon AWS EC2 or OVH staging instance
  • Integration with any server operating system and mail service from the recommended ones
  • Basic technical requirements specification
  • Configuration of PayPal API in a sandbox mode
  • Ability to run the backup procedure of the database
  • SMS notifications about all the major events of the marketplace
  • Certified quality assurance.

But what is especially important for the B2B marketplace, is the fact that with our standard offer you will receive up to 2 hours of business analyst consultancy. Our experts will help you solve all the problems that may occur on your brand-new marketplace. Moreover, you will get possibility of the hosted Sharetribe migration for up to 1 Gigabyte of data usage, which may be extremely useful in terms of huge data usage of any B2B marketplace. While migrating, you can also order a temporary page that will help you keep your customers up to date with your news. The price for this version depends on your platform and starts from $550.

Price: $550
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A custom offer is the most flexible and complex one. Here we offer you a wide variety of different features to implement on your future B2B marketplace. With this highly customized version, you can choose any hosting provider and operating system you want for both staging and production setup. What is more, it’s up to you to decide, which monitoring and notification solution or payment gateway to work with. In addition to that, our custom offer also has such features as:

  • Creation of Invision Prototypes
  • Development of the unique design
  • Implementing a custom home page
  • Arbitrary functionality implementation.

For you to create an especially efficient and successful B2B marketplace, we are also ready to provide you with a profound SEO audit and optimization. With our custom offer, you may be sure your marketplace will get to the list of top ones and give you many new customers and business possibilities! The custom offer price depends on your platform and starts from $650.

Price: Starts from $650
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