Roobykon New Year Party: The Team’s Winter Celebration


Roobykon Software celebrates New Year

The Roobykon team had a nice and inspiring Christmas eve inside the team. Contests, songs, dances, and lots of positive: this is how our employees have shown the old year out and opened the doors to the New Year, which will definitely present new opportunities, ideas, and achievements to both the teams and partners.

The brightest winter holiday, the New Year, is an excellent occasion to relieve tension and relax in a pleasant company. This is the day when introspective programmers, managers in a hurry, attentive testers and other members of the development team can enjoy the life just like children. It is a holiday when they remember how it was in their childhood: chill out, sing songs, participate in competitions, dress in fairy-tale characters, or even dance in a round!

Among them were (the true!) Father Frost, Snow Maiden, and Christmas Tree, who brought not only New Year's mood to the whole team, but also desired gifts. However, not everything is so simple, because one had to sweat and toil for gifts and prove their talent! Nobody left the holiday without a warm, joyful, childlike, and sincere smile.

Together with colleagues, we remembered the outgoing year, compared what we planned to achieve with what we achieved. And after that, we shared our plans for the next year, which will certainly make it possible to achieve even greater heights, with each other.

Such holidays and teamwide events are not new for Roobykon Software. We believe that communication and the collective repose strongly unite team members turning them from plain workers into members of one friendly close-knit family. Sharing their dreams, they were able to see a goal (or even several goals) each of them aspires. Due to this, they become clearer and closer to each other, moving not only forward but also in one direction. And, in addition, have a little fun. This is where do we draw strength from - it’s the people who love their work and go to the goal as a single unit.

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