How to keep up with marketplace pure players


Marketplace pure players

Are you a retailer or service provider, based in the physical world (perhaps with some minor online presence), who wants to explore the benefits of creating a multi-seller online marketplace - but isn't sure how to keep up with dedicated players in that field?

Fear not! The tools are now at your disposal to let you do just that.

What is a service marketplace?

Well, it's an online platform that matches service providers with those who might benefit from what they have to offer.

Perhaps your main business is made up of direct sales to your clients, and e-commerce is not at the core of your activities - if so, how can you create a coherent marketplace strategy?

It's necessary to understand that marketplaces are not limited to so-called 'pure players' - those who operate exclusively in this realm. Launching an online marketplace strategy doesn't mean you're saying goodbye to traditional know-how - in fact, the two can work together in synergy.

Main reasons for a company with traditional know-how to create its own marketplace

First of all, a marketplace can extend and diversify the portfolio of services on offer, and offer new, alternative channels of distribution, widening your presence.

Just look at AccorHotels, who boosted the value of their offering by letting people choose the services of third-party caterers at the same time as making a room reservation.

By introducing competition in areas that complement your main business, you can capitalize on the presence you already have, bring a greater level of service to your customers, and boost the standing and prominence of your brand.

(Wefarmup offers similar opportunities for those in the agricultural industry.)

Adding an online marketplace lets you bring more service to your customers in an agile, asset-light way - leaving you free to focus on the core activities that made your company a success to start off with.

The key point to remember is this: creating a marketplace does not mean abandoning your traditional values and expertise - on the contrary, it's these that can give you your unique edge.

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