Why you need to build a marketplace for booking musicians?


Why the talent marketplace is a good idea for a new business

Right now, event organization is a field in high demand, and this has lead to growing interest in platforms that let organizers easily find and book the talented professionals they need - just like Uber does with taxis and Airbnb with apartments. In this article, we'll explain our case for why you should make a custom offer in the growing talent booking sector, show how such a project could provide you with a route to a profitable business - and offer some useful tips on just how to go about the whole process. Artist Marketplaces are platforms that connect creative music industry professionals with people looking for talents. These services offer talents and organizers a secure and convenient way to make contact while earning their operators revenue from each successful transaction - as well as additional income streams from memberships of highly-featured PRO accounts.

These platforms offer users a wide variety of services - from tracking down professional artists for private events like weddings and corporate parties to ordering new musical compositions with all rights included. Exactly what is on offer depends on which options you choose - and these can be tailored to your business priorities and local market conditions. The idea of an Artist Marketplace might seem a little narrow at first. But booking professional talent has always been, and still remains, an expensive business - and one that demands a platform specially designed to support the whole process. And for the business owner, this focused model can have major benefits, turning around rapid results from your investment.

The idea of an Artist Marketplace

Benefits For The Artist

Naturally, as when creating any new online marketplace, the marketplace owner must first immerse themselves in the needs and ambitions of the user: and for artists and composers, this means attracting bookings and commissions.

Post samples

The key to success here is giving artists the ability to offer a clear window onto their unique personality and talent by posting videos, photos, and music samples. It also means offering an effective search and filtering system for clients to ensure those looking to hire talents or order new works will quickly find suitable candidates. Artist Marketplace Platforms allow all this to be put in place with ease.

Get hired

These marketplaces are a great opportunity for bookers and performers - bands, solo artists and singers, stand-up comedians - to find each other remotely. It makes for a great deal from both sides: bookings for the artist, and a fair price for the booker.

Get promoted

The platform has the potential to offer an ideal space for talents to promote themselves, get seen, and get hired - no matter the genre the artist works in or their level of experience.

Get paid

Importantly, our platforms also work as guarantors of fair financial relations between booker and artist. Once an inquiry has been approved, a fee is charged to the booker and held by your payment system. The performer gets paid after they fulfill their booking.

Creating any new online marketplace

Benefits For The Client

Artist Marketplaces also provide a host of benefits for clients booking talent - beginning with a highly efficient search process, and building on this with the ability to create trusting direct relationships between artist and booker, without the need for costly agents.

Search for your favorite genre - or post a request

The search for artists has never been so easy. Customers can make use of a carefully laid-out search system, or post custom requests and receive musicians' proposals in response. A flexible system of filters and a wide price range maximize the chance of finding the right artist, whether you're organizing a simple party or looking to score your next movie.

Hire musicians

A platform for events as well as a music marketplace, Artist Marketplaces provide customers with a large selection of talents at prices to suit a range of budgets, with the ability for customers to easily compare the cost of different options, side-by-side.

Benefits For The Client

Marketing and Promotion

Up-to-the-minute marketing features created by our team let you create enticing advertising campaigns for online service promotion, tailored to any budget. From social networks to opinion leaders and advertising bonuses for participants, through working with trends and analyzing competitors' activities, our services provide everything you need.
You can choose between hiring a professional team, or developing the product yourself. Either way, these adaptable platforms let you max out on creativity to engage your users to the fullest possible extent.

Benefits For The Client

Why an Artist Booking Platform Makes a Great Startup

Artist and performer marketplaces belong to the fast-developing sector of niche marketplaces. By allowing service providers a narrow focus, this business model maximizes functionality by facilitating a deep knowledge of a specific market and taking user experience to a higher level.

With their low entry threshold, this sort of e-commerce marketplace is an ideal business model for any startup in search of relatively quick liquidity. Though a relatively new sector, there are already some notable success stories among artist booking marketplaces, with names like Encore, TheMusician, GigStart some of the highlights. The achievements of these ventures demonstrate the potential of this sort of business, but also offer opportunities to learn from others' mistakes when designing a professional marketplace aimed at event planners or those looking for specifically-focused specialists to write their own compositions.

Overall, this remains an under-exploited arena, with much potential for new players.

Key pros:

  • A clearly-defined niche that nevertheless contains a large number of potential participants on both customer (event booker) and supplier (performer) sides.
  • Unlimited scaling: you can create a highly specialized service, or immediately expand to cover different areas; you can present your product at a local level or orient to the global events market from the start.
  • The creative component of the project allows you to reduce advertising budgets, thanks to the potential for active audience participation and word-of-mouth promotion. The creative component of the project.

Marketplace Development

Advantages For Ordering Marketplace Development in Roobykon Software Company

Roobykon Software has for many years specialized in digital marketplace development. With a track record of successfully solving the most complex technological problems and helping our customers to enter niche markets, we have all the knowledge to create a high-quality platform in the shortest time.
We strongly believe that supreme quality is achieved through practice and dedication - not by being a jack-of-all-trades. It is this focus on our key strengths that has enabled us to become trusted experts in the creation of marketplaces, with the ability to offer first-class support for the business goals of each of our valued customers.
If you would like to begin the journey of creating your own Artist Marketplace, we would love to talk with you. Just get in touch!

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