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ITEM "IT Evolution Meetings" Retrospective



After being heads down for some time, solving backend & frontend daily tasks, and fighting for new achievements, our team suddenly realized that it would be absolutely appropriate to get an outside view on our efforts, grab some insights about recent IT tendencies and agile web development, unwind & meet new friends.


Finally, Roobykon team made a decision to get out of a shell and visit IT Evolution Meetings conference. It has to be held on June 2-3 in Dnipro city, the business center of Ukraine. To anticipate all the further words it should be said that the choice was absolutely right and the event - tremendous!


The program was highly intensive - five streams, 35 speakers - world stars of IT-business, and half of a thousand participants from more than a hundred IT-companies. Obviously, the main problem was the fact that we couldn't clone ourselves to attend several reports at once, but we’ve decided to concentrate on everything that could help in outsourcing software development. And for sure, there was a lot of material to listen to and think about, including Google, Microsoft, Templatemonster, Oracle, WIX reports, and different case studies. In one day, the participants learned about how things work in the IT-sector of China, Middle East,  the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.


Among the most discussed topics was the report about the future of "cloud" technologies by Vladimirs Malinovskis (Technical Consultant at Lattelecom) and Kfir Bloch (Head of Backend Engineering at Wix) speech about decomposing monoliths in custom software development and movement to microservices. Subjects were so urgent, feedbacks and additional questions so wide that after the official part the dialogue moved to the coffee break area.


And of course, great thanks to event managers for an ideal networking opportunity, useful contacts, and positive emotions. They’ve provided everything - comfortable chat-halls with coffee and goodies, lunch on the roof with a stunning city view, the area with retro arcade machines, a zone of virtual reality, a lot of competitions and remarkable gifts.


After getting back home our teammates found themselves surprisingly fresh and focused on new goals – great feelings!

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