Corporate Vision Award 2020


We nailed it!
Corporate Vision Magazine names
Roobykon Software 2020 Best Online Marketplace Development Partner!

Roobykon Software, a full-cycle marketplace development company, is featured as Best Online Marketplace Development Partner in Corporate Vision Magazine's Small Business Awards this year.

It is an honor to be acknowledged by Corporate Vision Magazine. From Day One, Roobykon adopted a client-oriented and unconventional approach for building innovative and unique online marketplaces which make this world a better place to live in, with products and services becoming more accessible for everyone. And we are determined to keep it up! — Alexander Lyubenko, Roobykon Software CEO

Blogpost - Corporate Vision Awards 2020

For years, e-commerce platforms acquired an ever-growing share in the global economy of trading goods and services. We witnessed some astonishing stories of success along the way. Amazon and eBay transformed the global trade, rising into the omnipresent international behemoths. Uber and TripAdvisor turned their specific industries upside down leaving other players no choice but to become flexible, innovative, and client-oriented. and AirBnB changed the rental market to the point of no return to those ‘sweet ol‘ times' when property owners could rip off travelers who had small chances to quickly find an affordable place to stay in a strange city, in a strange country, in a foreign language environment. The list goes on and on, you name it.

With their overwhelming turnovers, those big fish can afford themselves armies of developers, designers, and software engineers to take care of websites, servers, mobile apps, payment processing, etcetera, etcetera.

But there is always a place for smaller players. Every customer need has to be catered to. Every niche market has to be filled by a dedicated and passionate startup for the betterment of all. Clients and customers get more diverse offers at more competitive prices. Service providers and goods sellers get access to the widest pool of buyers in history. Everyone benefits, everyone prospers.

Let's say, you finally feel ready to make a difference in some business niche, you have a great idea how to do that, and you need a marketplace created to make everything work as planned. With all the knowledge and expertise you have in your business area, chances are good you have little knowledge in marketplace development, and your budget is rather restricted to allow any blunders, at least at the beginning. You need to minimize your risks and for that, a specialized partner is required to pave your road to e-commerce success.

That's what we do, essentially. We are your partner who takes responsibility for creating a full-fledged marketplace — customized for your specific needs, based on cost-efficient tech, seamless and attractive for users, and with extended support that allows for further customization and improvement.

2020 presented new challenges to the global economy. And yet, it may become a new big- time for online marketplaces and emerging businesses. With all those stay-at-home and social distancing trends (we'll spare you the details of why is that so), the best and the most responsible way to get goods and services you want is simply going online and finding everything without a single step outside your home.

Many business owners who never thought they'll need going online, now have to venture into the area they scarcely know. Good advice can't be overestimated in these circumstances. At Roobykon Software, you can meet seasoned professionals and innovation masters with extensive expertise on building from scratch e-commerce platforms that are both efficient and unique. They will guide you through every essential step and help you avoid all the pitfalls they have encountered along the years of hard work.

Make your first step to launching a marketplace, get in touch! anytime and discuss your project with us.

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