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About the project/client

MyWanderLust is a platform for people who own their second home and who likes to travel. Here people can lease their homes or country houses when they are not using them, and in exchange get an opportunity to rent houses and country houses of other users of the platform. MyWanderlust is a private, secure, flexible and easy to use solution where people Earn Coins by offering available weeks of their homes and Spend Coins by traveling to any property within the platform.

Renting your house to strangers is hard work and you never quite know what might happen. Some guests are nice, courteous and respectful, others prove to be an unmitigated disaster. MyWanderLust is solving this problem. All of the participants of the platform are being moderated by the administrator. By the marketplace rules, each user should have his/her own house or a country house, which could be rented for not less than 2 weeks per year to have an opportunity to rent house or country house from other participants.

Involvement / participation

In cooperation with MyWanderlust, our main task was to create a platform that would provide the renting possibilities to users all over the world. Apartment cost would be managed by the admin and displayed in coins (internal currency analog) value weekly. There would be a fixed fee for each coin cost amount. The one user type would appear in the system, so everyone can become an Owner or a Renter.

As the base for the site, our team selected Ruby on Rails framework. This allowed us to create a useful, quick and secure platform. Our clients wanted to get a proficient platform with high security. Thus, we decided to host the system over a Digital Ocean and use Secure data exchange protocols. The next point of consideration was the selection of a payment system that covers worldwide countries. For these purposes, Paypal Gateway was selected. The platform is linked to the existing WIX-based landing page, so the MyWanderlust members could reach the platform through the page they are familiar with.



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When the project started, our main focus was to create the resolution that would suit the needs of the customers. These included:
  • Create a great UI and UX;
  • Create the easy to use and secure website;
  • Employ all the technologies that will supply the customer with the necessary information.
Our main task was to create an unique, well-designed and secure system that would satisfy the requirements of the customer and platform users.

The first stage of our work was creating a Software Requirements Specification for MyWanderLust platform. This iteration took several weeks and as a result, we created and agreed on the documentation. Then we needed to create a website design project. This part of the work was active and interesting for all the stakeholders and took a lot of approvals and modifications. As a result, we got a set of designed pages which suited all the requirements and UI/UX rules.

Next iteration was selecting development process type. We decided to go with Scrum methodology, so we planned sprints and documented it. After the discussion with the customer, the platform creation was started.

First of all the site external pages were made. After it, our team added internal pages, proceed with the logic. Then we implemented admin interface and integrated the Payment system.

At this stage project is ready to be released to the public to collect further user feedback to make the system better for users to use.

During the project development we’ve been using different approaches that helped us to achieve the final result. The platform was made based on Ruby on Rails framework. We were using some ruby gems to make functional blocks implementation easier. It allowed us to create the platform really fast and make it operate extremely smoothly. Also, the project was put on the DigitalOcean hosting, that provides securely droplets with powerful machine capabilities.

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Now the project is about to be released to the private audience, who would be invited by the owner to the system. They will get access to the whole functionality from very beginning and will witness the eye catching smooth and friendly design.

Although the project is about to be released - the team is ready to collect first user feedbacks to make the system better, faster and more friendly than it is right now.