Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 16


Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 16

Web servers! Everyone seems to have an opinion about which are the best and why, but if we’re not careful, habit and loyalty can blind us to rational decision-making. In this issue of Digest, we look in depth at some issues around servers for Ruby – and a whole bunch of other things besides. Enjoy.

10 new features in Ruby 2.5

Ruby 2.5 new featuresRuby 2.5.0-preview1 is the first preview along the road to Ruby 2.5.0 – but already, it has a bunch of features and improvements that make it worthy of attention. Popular Japanese Ruby blogger Junichi Ito takes a look.


Raptor: A Forthcoming Ruby Web Server for Faster App Deployment

Raptor for faster app developmentFrom Unicorn to JRuby, there is an array of Ruby web servers out there – each with its own set of supporters. But the makers of Raptor, a new app server, claim that it has the power to blow the competition clean out of the water. Peter Cooper investigates.


Why Ruby app servers break on macOS High Sierra and what can be done about it

Ruby and macOSAnyone who’s upgraded their Mac to High Sierra in the past few weeks may have found that the new OS proves challenging terrain for preforking app servers such as Puma and Unicorn. Why is this, and what can be done?


Configuring Puma, Unicorn and Passenger for Maximum Efficiency

Puma, Unicorn, Passenger in RubyFor Nate Berkopec of Speedshop, choosing an app server is like deciding what gas to put in your car: “the fancy stuff won’t make you go any faster, but the nasty stuff will bring you grinding to a halt”. Here’s his advice on keeping your servers purring.


Triple Equals Black Magic

Ruby Triple EqualsBy day, triple equals is just an alias for double equals. So why is everyone whispering about the dark powers it might possess? Well, as ever, these only appear when conditions are right. Brandon Weaver takes us out on a dark and stormy night…


Perusing delegate.rb from Ruby’s Standard Library

Delegate.rb from Ruby Standard LibraryIn object-oriented programming, says Eliav Lavi, a program is like a theatrical stage, with actors relaying pieces of information between each other. Sometimes, though, a message must travel via an intermediary – and that’s where delegation comes in...



Factory botA week or so back, the factory_girl gem was renamed factory_bot, and a new patch-level release issued. It was thought that the only visible outcome would be a deprecation warning, but unfortunately, there were a few unintended consequences.


Building and Consuming a GraphQL API with Ruby on Rails

GraphQL API with Ruby on RailsIn the weeks that have just gone by, Artsy CEO Daniel Doubrovkine has become convinced that GraphQL can work well for any micro-service. Here he gives a complete guide to creating a GraphQL API for Ruby on Rails...


Introducing S'Up for Slack Teams

S...and as if that were not enough, Doubrovkine has also lately been turning his prolific mind to creating new professional relationships within companies. He was inspired by S’Up, an app which links groups of three randomly-selected people.


Could we drop Symbols from Ruby?

drop symbols from RubyBoth in his own and in library code, Robert Pankowecki has been bitten multiple times by bugs caused by problems in the distinction between strings and symbols. Here he asks: can’t we just drop symbols from Ruby altogether?



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