Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 08



Hang on guys! The freshest Roobykon Ruby Digest issue is finally on the table! The new Rails version release, the Webpack life hacks, cutting edge Ruby practices, and tons of useful information is already waiting for you. Roobykon team found this stack of ideas inspiring, and we hope you’ll get some insights too!

1. Rails 5.0.2.rc1 has been released!


Rails team have made another upgrade! Some reasonable changes in Action Cable, Action Mailer, Action Pack, Action View, and other gems were made. Guys have done a really solid work, and as usual, posted the full list of changes at GitHub. So, do not miss novelties!

2. Fifteen Weird Things About Ruby That You Should Know


A bunch of useful tips and observations made byJesus Castello, an open minded software developer from Spain. This piece of information will definitely come in handy for the beginners, but at the same time experienced Rubyists can find some insights here as well.

3. Replacing the asset pipeline with Webpack 2 in Rails


You should check this out! Quite good alternative to asset pipeline in terms of using pure ES6 and other JS libraries like React. NowadaysWebpack is becoming the most popular bundler for frontend assets, so it deserves at least a little bit of your consideration.

4. Introducing Webpacker


In keeping with the theme of using Webpack, here’s an official Rails gem for bundling JS assets. In this post, we are going to explore the new alpha version of the Webpacker gem and all the features it offers. So, browse the link if you’re willing to know more!

5. Growing Your Own Web Framework With Rack Part 1


This particular web post is the first part of a tutorial on how to create a web framework with Rack. It’s kind of introduction into Rack, with an example of building a simple app. In further series, you’ll also know how to deal with handle incoming requests, how to use templating techniques, and much more.

6. How to deal with technical debt?


Technical debt is a mess all the developers leave after themselves - tons of fragmented code, quick fixes, temporary solutions, trade-offs and more. Potentially, it could become a reason of serious trouble, but this detailed list of approaches will show you how to deal with all the old debts!

7. TruffleRuby on the Substrate VM


If you’ve been following the TruffleRuby project, you probably remember that the whole team was working with the SVM as the way to solve their startup’s time problem. And you know, their results are extremely promising so far. Just check it out!

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