Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 07



Guys, it’s time to read the latest Roobykon Ruby issue! The week was quite eventful and Roobykon team easily picked cherries out of the numerous freshest tutorials, life hacks and tips in Ruby and Rails development world. We’ve listed them below and truly hope you might find something interesting for yourself as well!

1. Awesome NLP with Ruby


Completely unexpected gold mine suddenly was found! Do not miss this impressive list of resources, libraries, information sources, documented and maintained tools for text processing in Ruby and NLP development!

2. A better way to import all your records using ActiveRecord Import!


A brief but reasonable explanation of all the merits of ActiveRecord Import gem usage on a simple and clear example. It’s not a cure-all pill but if you have tons of work to do the ActiveRecord Import will definitely save some of your precious time!

3. Ten Myths About Docker That Stop Developers Cold


It’s unfortunate that the myths and misinformation persist and often stop developers from trying Docker. In this specific article Derick Bailey, enthusiastic entrepreneur and developer, trying to dispel at least ten of them, so you can take all the advantages from this open-source project.

4. Spice up your boring IRB (Irbtools)


Interactive Ruby Shell, obviously has some limitations but there’s some way out. ‘irbtools’ makes using it easier and more fun by improving IRB console with colored output and lots of helpful methods. This customization hack definitely deserves to be considered!

5. Percona Migrator Announcement


Meet up the Percona Migrator, an ActiveRecord adapter to run online MySQL schema migrations in Rails. From now on, the Automatic migration abort when the server load is too high or the replica lag is too large and dynamically adjusted chunk size so data-copy queries don’t take too long!

6. Integrate Rubocop gem with Popular Ruby Text Editors


Now, this article would be quite helpful for the beginners in Ruby and Rails! It’s all about RuboCop a popular gem for static code analysis of the Ruby codebase, specifically about its integration via Sublime, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Vim & RubyMine.

7. JQuery-Free Rails and Legacy Browsers


A curious investigation made by Starr Horne an experienced Rubyist. He ran the test suites for jquery-ujs 1.2 and the latest rails-ujs on Explorer 8-11 and made the insightful conclusions. Btw, Chrome was used as a control. All the results are under the link!

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