Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 05



Another fruitful week has passed for Roobykon Software team. And despite the extreme workload, we have admired a bunch of quite insightful ideas in Ruby and Rails development. Benchmarking, JWT authentication, microservices and much more you'll find in the latest issue of Roobykon Ruby Digest! Do not miss it and let's admire together!

1. Benchmarking a Go AI in Ruby: CRuby vs. Rubinius vs. JRuby vs. Truffle – a year later


You just have to check out this curious test held by Tobias Pfeiffer! For about year and a half ago he already published an article benchmarking various ruby implementations but much has happened since that time. And today we can notice how the contestants have improved.

2. Building a Macroservice on Rails with RabbitMQ and Sneakers


There’s no doubt that microservices are in the mainstream these days and everyone is moving away from monolithic architectures to create more maintainable services. In this short article, an Adwerx team is sharing their experience of making their first microservice, the Marketing Automation app named Meteor.

3. A Walk With JWT and Security (and IV): A Secure JWT Authentication Implementation for Rack and Rails


After the discussion of JWT security tips, the author shares two Ruby libraries he made in order to implement these tips. One of them is warden-jwt_auth, which can be used in any Rack application with Warden as authentication library. The second one is devise-jwt, which automatically configures for the device.

4. Setting up a simple Rails development environment with Docker for fun and profit


Here we’ve got a simply great guide of certain tools and gears to make an isolated and manageable development environments via Docker containers. An absolutely useful piece of information in terms of how trivial this task could be.

5. Pretty URLs in Ruby on Rails with FriendlyId


An extended review of FriendlyId - the “Swiss Army bulldozer” of slugging and permalink plugins for ActiveRecord. It allows you to have unique slugs generated automatically, plus the pretty URLs with words in them, rather than the ids.

6. Using Ruby on Rails for Single Sign-On across Multiple Applications


The creative view of how we can implement a single sign-on for multiple applications. Be aware, this post is more about the concept than the code, but once you get an idea, bet you'll at least think to integrate it yourself. All the details are under the link!

7. Using EXPLAIN ANALYZE to debug a slow SQL query


If you’re struggling to solve the problem with a slow SQL query, then this article is definitely for you! Joe Kurleto, an open minded software engineer, will tell you about an explain analyze tool and few more things to keep in mind while crafting SQL queries.

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